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The Great Wonders of Who I Am

Lauren Michelle
My name is Lauren Michelle... I am 16 and a Junior at Madison High School. Yes, a simple little country girl... But one with big plans of making it out in the real world.

Now... lets start with the most important thing of all...

I have an Amazingly Wonderful boyfriend, who oddly enough I met through a play where I was casted as his wife. Andy Fiscus is the most increadible person I ever have or ever will meet. He has shown me all the good there is to life, and gives me the belief in myself that I can succeed in all I try for. He is the reason I am breathing and I love him with ALL my heart! :-D

He even did the wonderful job of introducing me to my newfound form of entertainment. Professional Wrestling. All it took was one RoH show and I was hooked, I now find myself like him looking up info on Samoa Joe and CM Punk daily. :-)

Now... as for school.. most of you know the old Lauren as being a big band geek, I did it all, every form of it since I was in junior high... but that's all changed recently. There will be no more band for Lauren. Except for Steel Drum Band, that's the only one worth staying in. I mean, heck, we're famous in Southern Ohio. :-D

Although Band has left my life, I'm still highly involved in everything else in my school. I am on Montage staff, Yearbook Staff, Editor of the school Newspaper (going on my second year), a member of Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Youth Alive, Spanish Club and SADD (Students Against Distructive Decisions), and am a dedicated member of my high schools Thespian Troupe #4592. Also, I am a Class Officer for my Junior class, on Student Council. Outside of school I participate in Middletown Summer Youth Theatre and Middletown Lyric Theatre... and I'm thinking about trying my luck with Playhouse South.

If you haven't already discovered, I love acting, theater and all that's involved in it! It's my passion. I have been in productions with 5 different companies so far. My roles have ranged anywhere from a girl who was obsessed with a boy named Andrew (hmmm... go figure) to a Dwraf named Doodie. I also got my first experience with directing a play, with the muscial "Once on This Island" back in January. And I recently just experienced my first lead in a Musical as the Narrator in "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat".

My Plans after high school are to attend a theatrical college conservatory - I'm looking into Rutgers, Arcidia, and DePaul - with a double Major in Dramatic/Musical Theater with a Minor in Business.

"If tears could be a stairway and a heartache a bridge, I would climb up it and bring you back!"

R.I.P Darren Lewis - June 7th, 2003
Always 2006............#22 FOREVER!
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